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Laminar Flow SystemCeiling Mounted Laminar Flow makes an integral application in Operation Theaters. Hospitals search for top quality Ceiling Mounted Laminar Flows to ensure ultra clean sterile HEPA filtered Class 100 first air into OTs where highly sensitive activities take place.

Only an experienced can understand and design a perfect Ceiling Mounted Laminar Flow for the operation theater. Modular Healthcare system is one of the leading Ceiling Mounted Laminar Flow manufactures and suppliers in India known for not just the top quality products but also industry leading prices. Made from the high-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, our Ceiling Mounted Laminar Flow systems are made from completely stainless steel material.

Features of Modular Healthcare System's Ceiling Mounted Laminar Flow:

  • The best quality raw material
  • Advanced manufacturing technology
  • Perfect sterilization of air
  • Equipped with HEPA filters with different performances
  • Factory assembled for easy installation
  • Simple fixation system
  • Availability of ceilings in various shapes
  • Filter frames made from stainless steel
  • Uniform and constant air distribution

We provide a wide range of ceilings in square, rectangular, octagonal and circular shapes to suit the requirements and layout of different operation theaters. We also manufacture customized designs on order for maximum customer satisfaction.