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pressure relief dampersThese dampers are back draft air damper that come along with the adjustable start-open pressure. These dampers are used to prevent contamination of air from clean as well as dirty areas. We offer the perfectly suitable size air pressure relief dampers and place them strategically to enable the room pressure of two different rooms when the doors are open between the dirty and clean areas.

We offer stabilizers along with these dampers that are unique in capability. It can control differential pressure to close tolerance. Years of experience in the medical industry as pressure relief dampers manufacturer have sharpened our skills and technology. Our experienced engineers have designed these pressure relief dampers that perform perfectly with a flawless presentation. The body of the damper is powder coated. We also use standard BS colors for coating to follow the guidelines for medical equipment manufacturers.

To manufacture a strong body of these pressure relief dampers we have used electrolyzed steel plates with stainless steel of a higher grade SS304 for blades. So the product we manufacture serves our client for years without any problem. The perfection we provide in the quality of our dampers provides a safe work experience with our product. You can avail these dampers on best-offered prices from us.