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Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors for hospitals are specially designed to ensure hygiene and to control air leakage. Hospital owners prefer to buy these only from the experienced manufacturers who provide high-quality sliding doors that ensure sterility and correct air pressure in the room.

Modular Healthcare System is one of the leading Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors manufacturers in India. We have been manufacturing and exporting a wide range of hospital equipment that also includes hermetically sealed sliding doors. Not just using the best quality raw material, being an experienced and reliable manufacturer, we also meet international quality and safety requirements.

The doors we provide have 2-tier sealing on the bottom side and hermetic sealing on all three sides to ensure complete sealing from all the sides. To ensure minimum or no noise as well as easy and smoothing opening of the doors in the operation theater, we design the sliding doors with self-lubricating nylon wheels. Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors from Modular Healthcare System are aesthetically appealing and easy to clean.

  • Use of high-grade Aluminum extrusion profile
  • Use of powder coated galvanized sheet on the track
  • Use of high-grade aluminum extrusion profile with natural anodizing to surround the door core
  • Use of stainless steel heavy duty handles on both the sides
  • Double glazed flush vision window